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Long Beach Zombie Walk

Long Beach Zombie Walk Logo

Infamous Long Beach Zombie Walk
Fri. @8:15PM, Sat. and Sun. @7:30PM

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The zombie walk is an organized gathering of zombies who make their way into the streets of Long Beach by Shoreline Village and around The Pike through the Harbor (in a roundtrip 35-45 minute walk) in an orderly fashion. During the walk, participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombie behavior, which may include grunting, groaning or slurred, moaning calls for “brains.” Pose for pictures. Dance like Michael Jackson in the “Thriller” music video. Act out a scene from The Walking Dead. Look menacing. Growl a lot and have fun doing so.


Unhallowed Haunted Maze - Infected - Zombie Invasion

"More frightening than what's available at the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor or Knott's Scarry Farm or similar professional mazes." - Grunion Gazzette

"A haunt that can be compared to a Knott's Scary Farm attraction. As a fan who indulges everything Halloween and attends all the events, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this maze, but I was quickly impressed." - Long Beach Post

Unhallowed Haunted Maze Attraction
Everything You Fear and More...

Unhallowed Productions takes you on an intense and terrifying 3000-square-foot journey where adrenaline and fear for survival becomes a reality.

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. OPENS AT 5PM. Additional $5 fee required.

PLUS: Zombie Outbreak Cage - an Interactive Quarantine Scare Zone

The tables are turned when you enter the interactive Zombie Outbreak Cage, where you’re given 15 minutes to draw blood-curdling screams from your victims —  it's where festival-goers get to scare the hell out of people.

Long Beach Zombie Fest - Interactive Outbreak Cage - INFECTED

Long Beach Zombie Walk Photo Booth

The Official Long Beach Zombie Fest Photo Booth
FREE Souvenir E-Photo with General Admission

Get Dressed Up or Come As You Are! We have quite the doomsday props from body parts, bags of flesh, radioactive masks, brain hats, weapon headbands, severed heads, bleeding glasses, and it keeps going…

On a first-come, first-served basis.



REMJ - Michael Jackson Impersonator and Tribute Artist Thriller Workshop

Thriller Workshop Featuring REMJ -
Michael Jackson Impersonator and Tribute Artist

Find your inner zombie and learn one of the most requested choreographies ever made...THRILLER!

If you have always wanted to learn the famous moves from Michael Jackson's Thriller, or if this an annual tradition and you just want to polish your moves, then this workshop is for you! This workshop is for everyone, from the complete beginner with no dance experience, to those who've been dancing all their lives. It's about letting loose and having a good time.

Friday, Oct. 19th @7PM, Sat., Oct. 20th @6:30PM, Sun., Oct. 21st @6PM
Special Live Performance - Saturday, Oct. 20th @5PM

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SCHAR - HADES - the God of the Underworld - a Live American Alligator

HADES - the God of the Underworld
A Live American Alligator Exhibit

Learn about alligator's powerful bite, what they eat, if they like zombies and much more.

Watch and learn about one of the most fascinating animals to have made it into this age.

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday - FREE!

EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scene Photo w/Live Alligator, 5-5:20PM Fri, 3-3:20PM Sat/Sun - $10 Donation to SCHAR for Rescue. On a first-come, first-serve basis. ONLY AVAILABLE THE FIRST 20 MINUTES AT THE OPENING OF EACH DAY OF THE EVENT.

Dangerous D - Ultimate Shock Show

Darin “Dangerous D” Malfi
Ultimate Shock Show

A true Anatomical Wonder and Sideshow Performer.

Dangerous D is known for performing dangerous stunts, you won't see anywhere else in the world...he is constantly pushing his mind, body, and soul to life threatening limits.

Appearing Friday, October 19h @6PM and 9:15PM at Freakshow Tent, Saturday, October 20th @3PM on Second Stage and 6:30PM at Freakshow Tent, Sunday, October 21st @5PM on Second Stage and 8:30PM Freakshow Tent.

Two shows per day.

Southern California Herpetology Association & Rescue - Live Interactive Reptile Exhibit

Live 100+ Reptile Interactive Exhibit
A Reptile Encounter Experience!

For over 40 years, the SCHA&R has been a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the public about reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates as well as saving as many lives as possible through rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Get your hands on the chilling side of nature with some reptiles that are cold-blooded and seriously cool. Participants can chat with an educator, touch a reptile, and hear fun facts.

Featuring live reptiles that glow-in-the-dark.

Fear Factor Live

It will push you to face your biggest fears! Those who dare to put their hand in the boxes to determine “What is it?” might discover it is filled with giant hissing cockroaches, flesh-eating worms, crickets, stink beetles or maybe something more grotesque. For many, the fear of the unknown will be less frightening than any of the creatures to crawl/slither on them. Brought to you by S.C.H.A.& R.

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Batcave Hollywood Nightclub

Batcave Hollywood Lounge
and Oddity Bazaar

Step right up! The infamous Batcave Hollywood hosting the spooky lounge, playing a mix of Halloween favorites and dark eighties, darkwave, and industrial. Come relax and enjoy everything from the Misfits, to the Cure, to Siouxsie! Top DJs from L.A.'s dark underground clubs spinning your favorites! Featuring special performances on the second stage and in front of the Batcave Lounge all weekend long!

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lightspeed Saber League - Southern California Division

Lightspeed Saber League
Matches and Demonstration Workshop

The fastest, most intense light-based fencing format anywhere in the world. Ultra light-weight blades and armor that is fast, mobile, and safe.

Appearing Friday and Sunday.

3D Altervision Experience - Outer Space

The Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience
You won’t believe your eyes!

 A super-fun immersive art installation that shoots you off to outer space - visually, that is. You won’t believe your eyes! All ages will love it.

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Auzzy Blood Freak Show

Auzzy Blood Vegas Freakshow
Stunts that will leave you in shock.

Pushes the boundaries in just about any way possible, doing things with the human body most would think as unbearably painful, and IMPOSSIBLE. Looks fear in the face as he performs the impossible and insane - leaving your jaw dropped, questioning everything!!

Lives up to the madness...OR DIES TRYING!

Appearing Friday, October 19h @5PM on Second Stage and 7:15PM at Freakshow Tent, Saturday, October 20th @5:30PM on Second Stage and 8:30PM at Freakshow Tent, Sunday, October 21st @3:15PM on Second Stage and 6:30PM Freakshow Tent.

Two shows per day.

Rhythm Coffin Zombie Watusi Dance Contest Workshop

Zombie Watusi Dance Contest Workshop -
UnDead FUN for Everyone!
by The Rhythm Coffin

Shake what your Zombie Mama gave You!

Calling all Zombies to learn the New Dance Craze, to keep You out of Your Grave!
It's the “Zombie Watusi”! It started six feet underground, now it’s coming to your town.

The Rythm Coffin

The “ZOMBIE WATUSI” a New Original Dance from The Rhythm Coffin. Their Ghoulie Girls teach you the moves, and make it Fun and Easy to learn these New Zombie Grooves! Of Corpse it’s Ghoul Cool for All Ages and Stages (of Decay). So Shake, Rattle and Monster Rock n Roll Your Bones to a “ZOMBIE WATUSI” Dance Contest Workshop with a prize winning winner at each contest.

Put Your Ghoul Foot forward and get Up on the UnDead Dance Floor - Mwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!

You Tube Click Here

Appearing Saturday, Oct. 20th @4:45PM and Sunday, Oct. 21st @4:15PM on Second Stage.

Cinema Makeup School - Zombie Transformations

Zombification Zone
by Cinema Makeup School

Hollywood special effects make-up artists from Cinema Makeup School will be providing their expert services FREE to all attendees who need assistance in finding their inner zombie!

Founded in 1993, Cinema Makeup School has been providing students with the skills they need to become professional makeup and special effects artists for over 20 years. Their instructors are Emmy and Academy Award Winning makeup artists who bring their knowledge and expertise into the classroom. For more information, please visit www.cinemamakeup.com

Also, in addition to the free regular zombie makeup, we'll be offering prosthetic appliances for sale to patrons who want to take their zombie makeup to the next level. For $60 you will get a professionally made prosthetic applied to your face by one of our top artists on site.

Cinema Makeup School Prosthetic Applicances

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
On a first-come, first-served basis.

Dystopia Rising SoCal - Live-Action Role Playing LARP

Dystopia Rising SoCal
Zombie Survival LARP
(Live-Action Role Playing)

Interactive attraction where you will try and survive against a continuous horde of Zombies.


Phantom Coaches Hearse Club

Phantom Coaches Hearse Club
Call them morbid. But members of the Phantom Coaches Hearse Club wouldn't be caught dead without their cars.

So...are they morbid-minded ghoulies who sleep in coffins and hold monthly graveyard meetings? Well, okay, you are right about the graveyard meeting part ;-) But the fact is, they're a group of people from ALL walks of life who just happen to enjoy hearses (and flower cars, and limousines, and ambulances...).

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team - California Field Office with Command Station and Squad Car

Zombie Outbreak Response Team

Will be dispatching containment units in the event of a zombie outbreak.

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

OC Ghosts and Legends Tours and Events - What happens after one 'turns' into a zombie?

OC Ghosts and Legends Tours and Events as featured on Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures' and 'Mysteries at the National Parks'

What happens after one 'turns' into a zombie?  Do our souls leave our body or are we aware of our need to feast on the flesh of the living? Visit Orange County's premiere haunted events & paranormal team - OC Ghosts and Legends and find out for yourself. Will be doing live stream interviews and drawings to win exclusive haunted tour and event prizes/giveaways.

Appearing Friday and Saturday.


Don't Miss Out on the Greatest Zombie Invasion to hit Long Beach

General Admission includes: Live Music, Infamous Zombie Walk, Interactive Zombie Outbreak Cage, Live American Alligator, Nightmare Maze, Zombie Apocalypse Scavenger Hunt, The Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience, Auzzy Blood Vegas Freakshow, Thriller Workshop, Darin “Dangerous D” Malfi Ultimate Shock Show, Free Souvenir E-Photo, Zombification Zone - Hollywood special effects make-up artists from Cinema Makeup School providing their expert services FREE to all attendees who need assistance in finding their inner zombie (FREE ZOMBIE MAKE-UP SERVICES), Costume Contest, Live 100+ Reptile Interactive Exhibit with Fear Factor Attraction, BRAINS Eating Contest, Phantom Coaches, Batcave Hollywood Lounge, Zombie Patrol Team, Umbrella Corps of Los Angeles.

Friday and Sunday Only: Lightspeed Saber League matches and demonstration workshop.

Saturday Only: Paramount Pictures presents Overlord (in theaters 11/9/18) Roaming Army Unit with Giveaways and Overlord Costume Contest.

Saturday and Sunday Only: Zombie Watusi Dance Contest Workshop by The Rhythm Coffin.

Children 12 and under are FREE when accompanied by an adult.

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